Step 5: Consider your role in MOUD treatment

Improving outcomes for individuals on supervision with an OUD is everyone's responsibility. Probation officers and community treatment providers both play essential roles in the day-to-day delivery of care in your agency and the community. In Step 5, you will learn more about the role of the probation officer and community treatment provider.

The Role of Probation Officer

In the role of the Probation Officer module, you will learn:

  • To develop understanding about the concerns individuals might have with drug therapies, broadly.
  • To develop understanding about important information about MOUD providers.
  • To develop skills about making responsive referrals to MOUD community providers.
  • To develop understanding and skills about how to support individuals engaged in MOUD.

Video: The Role of the Probation Officer video:

Understanding Individual Preferences

This handout includes prompting questions to assess individual preferences related to MOUD treatment.

Reporting Return to Use

This handout assists probation officers in reporting return to use.

Support and Follow-up

This handout provides probation officers with discussion questions for support following the individual’s engagement with MOUD.

Inventorying Your Local MOUD Providers

This handout includes prompting questions to assess the programmatic elements of the MOUD community provider.


Additional Resources and References